We are Authentic Care & Support Services, offering disability support services to all NDIS participants.

At Authentic Care & Support Services, we have come together with an aim to provide all the NDIS participants a space where they will be cared for and through holistic support be given opportunities to develop their personal and professional selves.

The services that we offer as per the NDIS guidelines are not just meant to help all the participants lead a safe and comfortable life but also to build capacity in them so that they can live life on their own terms. We believe in equality and practice inclusivity and therefore irrespective of your culture, religion, and beliefs, you will be given proper care and support.

All our services are tailored to meet your individual needs and our support workers give it their all to ensure that you slide through your everyday life smoothly while paving the way for your future growth.

At no point will an NDIS participant feel their individuality and freedom to be curtailed with us as we always proceed with proper adherence to all your wishes and demands. So, at Authentic Care & Support, interact with a caring team of support workers and ensure a growth-oriented life of safety, and comfort for yourselves.



To create and deliver safe, inclusive, and innovative solutions for our clients. We use our client-centric approach to achieve the set goals thereby striving for optimal satisfaction.


To be the leading care provider for NDIS, TAC, and WorkCover support services.

Our Core Values



We are part of a highly complex environment; we strive to simplify our work and procedures for the benefit of our clients.

Our quest for excellence ensures we are continuously improving and innovating our approach to our service delivery model that enhances a person centred approach.



We care about our clients and this is shown in our tailored approach. In all that we do, safety and wellbeing are not compromised. Our service delivery approach is geared at fostering equity.


We welcome and work with all persons, accepting that we are all unique, with different abilities, needs and interests.


We recognise that we are stronger when we work together with our clients as a team rather than viewing ourselves as individuals. Mutual respect of persons and boundaries is a pillar of our collaboration.


We have the courage to speak up and deliver on our commitments. We are accountable for everything we do and towards everyone with whom we interact.


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities

We at Authentic Care & Support Services stand in support of diversity

For us at Authentic Care & Support Services, inclusion is one of our core values. We aim to understand the participant’s cultural, religious, linguistic, and customary needs and then create an environment where their beliefs and roots will be respected and given a place for growth. We do that by supporting, educating, and holding their hands throughout the process of accessing the NDIS plan. We, through the services that we offer, help them achieve their desired outcomes, independence, and control in their lives.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities also known as CALD communities make more than 50% of all Australians. They are either first-generation (born overseas) or second-generation (one or both parents born overseas) Australians.